Cau Dat – Da Lat, the name will soon be known worldwide.

Cau Dat is 25km from the center of Da Lat, Lam Dong to the Southeast, in the famous Highlands of Vietnam. Thanks to the advantage of altitude and perfect climatic conditions, Cau Dat coffee is very high quality and rich in taste. Located at an ideal height, averaging 1450 – 1650m above sea level, the annual temperature range here ranges from the coldest 5 degrees, and the highest does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius. Combined with the fertile Basalt soil, Here there are three golden conditions to be the perfect land for Arabica. Famous delicious Arabica varieties such as Typica, Bourbon, and especially Catimor with very high yields.


Golden advantages Cau Dat – Da Lat owns

There is a total coffee growing area of ​​about 1,500 hectares here, accounting for 86% of the agricultural area. In particular, which growing coffee site accounts for 98%. The Arabica coffee varieties grown here are incredibly well adapted to the climate and rarely suffer from pests and diseases. Each hectare of coffee yields 10-18 tons of fresh coffee, equivalent to 4 tons of green coffee. Coffee production is much higher than other varieties.
Golden-advantages-Cau-Dat - Da Lat-owns

Unforgettable taste

Arabica coffee from Cau Dat stands out by the combination of ethereal sourness and mild bitterness. Rich and harmonious coffee flavor with a variety of fresh fruit, the sweetness of honey. Described as the pure flavor of Sunday morning, Drinkers will not be able to forget this coffee once tried it. The coffee here is entirely comparable to the best coffee in the world.
In 2016, Starbucks Coffee – a famous coffee brand worldwide, chose Arabica Cau Dat – Da Lat as one of seven types of coffee to be included in the global supply chain.

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