Brewing Coffee Note: 4 Things You Never Skip

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Brewing Coffee Note 4 Things You Never Skip

Brewing Coffee Note: 4 Things You Never Skip: Making coffee by machine is gradually becoming popular, especially for office workers who use coffee to help them relax and focus at work. However, not everyone knows how to make a hot cup of coffee with the best taste. Here are some tips when making coffee with a machine to help make your coffee taste better.

Coffee Storage Carefullyrew, making) 

Proper storage of coffee will always be of paramount importance. If you know how to store your coffee well, you can keep the best flavors of your coffee for two to three weeks from the date of roasting. Otherwise, it’s probably not half the time. Because coffee is a fragile food. It can easily be affected by many environmental factors such as:


  • X-rays, UV rays, or certain bands of light that are invisible to the naked eye can affect the flavor structure of coffee. These rays can come from the sun or even the light of a lamp. Therefore, you can limit these lights by leaving coffee in a dark place or in dark containers.
  • Oxygen: The cruel killer of not only coffee but also many other foods. Oxygen can make coffee aroma groups quickly fly to the sky. The delicious fruit flavors are broken and transformed into something else. So ideally you should keep your coffee in sealed containers and out of the air.
  • Temperature and humidity: A lot of chemical reactions will take place when the coffee temperature is high. These reactions can also occur when the coffee is moist. Therefore, you should limit storing coffee in humid or high-heat places such as near the kitchen, next to a window where the sun shines on …

If you don’t take care of your coffee. This is no different than letting the coffee flavor die while in the egg. So remember a few things when storing your coffee: Sealed – Dark – Cool.

Avoid Using Coffee Presentation Tools That Are Dirty 

If your coffee maker isn’t clean, your coffee’s flavor will suffer as well. It’s a very easy thing to see, but it hasn’t been paid attention to by people. And dirty dispensing tools can be caused by three main factors:

Oil and fine powder from the coffee stick to the brewer.

When you make coffee, there will always be an oil layer from the coffee beans. This layer of oil can stick and create bad odors or even mold on your brewing equipment. Coffee filtersFrench Press coffee makers, or Moka Pots are the most susceptible to oil stains. Because these tools are in direct contact with coffee when brewing. In addition, because they have small details, oils and fine powders are easy to stick to.

So if you are also using these or similar brewers. Please pay attention to hygiene after mixing to get the most perfect next time. To thoroughly clean these tools. You can soak the utensils in a mixture of water with vinegar or baking soda for a few hours. Then take it out and clean it thoroughly again with clean water to remove any remaining stains., great, expect, recipes, method 

Brewing Coffee Note: 4 Things You Never Skip

In addition, after the preparation is complete, you can pour it over with hot water before rinsing to remove this layer of oil. But do not finish mixing and then leave it for an hour to wash. At this point, the oil layer has become sticky and stuck to the tool, which is quite difficult to clean.

The remaining coffee in the coffee grinder is old and damp.

You know, after you finish grinding coffee, in the coffee grinder there are always remaining parts of coffee powder. If this powder is not discarded, it will last for many days.

They can completely get damp and, moldy and affect the next coffee grind. Therefore, try to spend a little more time, sometimes as little as 30 seconds, to blow away or remove this excess coffee. Or, before grinding new coffee, you can use 1-2 coffee beans to rinse the grinder first.

Your hands smell when you prepare

Right. It’s your hand. It sounds like that, but this is the first factor that everyone should think about when drinking coffee with a strange smell. The aroma of coffee is very light, just a little smell in your hand can overwhelm the original aroma of coffee.

Try to keep your hands clean. Clean here is not just about 99.9% of bacteria. It also does not have strong odors such as the smell of food, the smell of hand sanitizer, perfume …

Then those are just 2 simple elements that you can modify quickly. And now we will move on to two slightly more difficult variables.

Limited Buying Too Much Coffee At One Time

Much here is the amount of coffee that keeps you from drinking it all when the coffee tastes its best. Usually, it will be 2-3 weeks after the coffee is roasted. A good example is that many of you often like to buy 1 to 2 pounds of coffee each time to drink for a few months. Because if you buy a lot, you can use it for a long time, saving you the trouble of buying and buying again.

However, you can do this if you simply drink coffee for caffeine or are not too concerned with the taste of the coffee. However, in case you want to experience more flavors when drinking coffee, remember: Time is the enemy of coffee taste.

Brewing Coffee Note: 4 Things You Never Skip

Environmental factors will easily affect the taste of coffee over time. Therefore, the longer you leave it, the greater the risk your coffee will be affected. Just once opening the bag and not closing it tightly, the coffee flavor can fade away.

And when the coffee is pre-ground in powder form. Taste mishaps can happen even faster. Because when the coffee is in the form of whole beans, it takes a long time for outside agents to penetrate inside. As for the ground coffee, they can easily penetrate and cause reactions that change the coffee flavor to take place.

So to make your coffee more flavorful, you can follow a few tips:

  • Recalculate your coffee needs. Should convert to grams of coffee drink per week or month to get the most accurate numbers.
  • Buy coffee in small quantities, usually from 100g – to 500g for personal needs. The goal is so that you can drink it at the best time. In addition, it is also to avoid the case that you suddenly have to go somewhere without drinking coffee. Then there is less coffee that loses its taste, which is less regrettable.
  • Switch to whole-bean coffee and be sure to double-check the roasting date when you buy it.

Brewing coffee with an open mind

Helena ranks this last because it can be considered the hardest thing to change. In Vietnam, most people know about coffee from a very early age. Therefore, coffee is often tied to a certain immutable, immutable characteristic.

For example, coffee must be bitter or coffee must be brewed by filter… These things have been around for so long that it becomes a fact. Anything else will lead to resistance and disapproval. Therefore, in some cases, many of you just need to hear that coffee has a sour taste and decide not to drink it…

Brewing Coffee Note: 4 Things You Never Skip

But coffee is a big world. It is not only encapsulated in bitter taste or coffee filters. It has a lot of things out there that you can explore. If you still keep a closed mind, it is difficult to:

  • Enjoy coffees with attractive rose and jasmine flavors to different sweet and sour flavors of fruit.
  • Then try dozens of different types of brewing equipment around the world. Each type can bring a different brewing experience.

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