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Nanopresso barista kit

For the “separate” working tools, you will undoubtedly be needed. In addition, the Barista selects “favorite” things for everyday work or to bring to events or competitions.

A professional barista is always concerned with quality, consistency, and quickness. Furthermore, the Barista’s toolset not only facilitates work performance but also enhances it. It also reflects each Barista’s approach.

The set of gear that every Barista wishes to have
Let’s look at a sample tool bag with Barista School for inspiration and equip yourself with a barista bag (barista kit)!

1. Barista set with scales and measuring cups

When a barista walks into a pub, the first thing they do is taste the espresso. One of the essential tools for doing so is the scale.

Each espresso machine is unique in terms of appearance and operation. As a result, the Barista will need some time to learn how to use the equipment and become comfortable. And the first and most effective way to learn to be a barista is through espresso tasting. The Barista will be able to complete this task more quickly and correctly if they use a scale and have an extra measuring cup on hand.

Baristas require electronic scales regularly.
To begin, the scale aids in accurately measuring the amount of coffee powder to brew. Second, it can control the flow time and weigh the extraction solution. This allows the Barista to maintain a constant level of coffee quality.

“Don’t imagine that coffee can be calculated based on ‘hunches;’ if you want a flawless cup of coffee, you must measure everything!”

One suggestion is for the Barista to use a small scale that fits under the espresso machine. The height and low chassis of each espresso machine vary. When selecting a scale, you should also consider its suitability. Hierarchies are used for more than just weighing. Many come with an automatic timer and other features. The Barista is easy to store while carrying and traveling around because it comes with a protective box.

The scale is a must-have instrument in the experience journey for every Barista who is passionate about brewing.

There are many different varieties of coffee scales on the market today, all of which are small, have a lot of functions, and are pretty helpful. Having said that, the scale is an absolute must-have in any professional barista’s bag (barista kit).


2. The Barista set always includes coffee dispensers and compressors

In the barista kit, each Barista has their favorite coffee press. There are a variety of compression technologies available, each geared to a specific need.

  •  The handle is circular, short, and tall…
  • Metal wrap, wood, a variety of colors…
  • Various working principles: compression surfaces that are flat, curved, or striated…

Tampering with one’s arm is helpful at work, revealing one’s personality and personal style. As a result, every expert barista will undoubtedly “purchase” a specialized compression instrument. Many baristas have an impressive and lovely collection of this instrument.

In the barista kit, a tamper is a must-have.
A coffee powder dispenser (distributor) is included with the hand press and is used to evenly distribute the amount of coffee powder in the hand brew (portafilter). The Barista can reach maximum speed while maintaining consistent product quality thanks to the coffee dispenser and hand press.


3. A barista’s kit must have milkshakes and latte pens

One of the highly intimate items is the milking dish. This instrument comes in various shapes and sizes, each with its construction. Each lounge will be appropriate for the latte art technique of each Barista. A milkshake might be compared to a writer’s pen or an artist’s pencil… As a result, a barista passionate about latte art will always order at least one milkshake.

Every Barista dreams of having a milkshake collection.
Many baristas have these 5 “colorful” cups in their bags and want them.
The quality of the milking shift and the structure of the tip has a significant impact on the latte art quality. The Barista is always cautious while selecting an “unbreakable object” from the barista kit for himself. The following criteria were used to determine that case: good quality to assure milk heat preservation, easy hand grasp, and comfort when art…

A latte pen is also one of the essential instruments for a Latte Artist. Baristas who enjoy and specialize in etching, in particular. The brush used by the latte artist is similar to that of a painter or sculpture.


4. Spoon for cupping

A barista’s everyday activity of cupping is to assess the quality of coffee. This method is carried out with the use of a cupping spoon. As a result, every Barista’s barista kit includes typically at least one specialty spoon.

For its use, this utility is widely recommended. Because the performance of a shared or prepared spoon is not advantageous. The first is a lack of hygiene, particularly during the growing covid pandemic. The second goal is to cause mental distress. It will alter the taste test results once it has caused discomfort. Finally, differing spoon textures will produce a diverse flavor profile.

As a result, each Barista usually has their tasting spoon. There are a lot of baristas, and there are even more customized touches like etched names or emblems on the top. Isn’t it “cool

5. Refractometer

It is always vital to record and check the signs after the coffee is no longer an emotional story. A barista must have a handheld refractometer to do this properly. TDS is measured with a refractometer (dissolved solids concentration of a solution). It aids in determining the coffee’s strength and extraction.

A refractometer is an instrument used by professional baristas.
You should invest in a handheld refractometer if you want to advance to the level of international Barista.
When you have all of the data and statistics when conducting coffee tastings in the third wave, the coffee story begins. Because, beyond the senses, data is the gold standard by which you may calibrate and evaluate coffee with the most incredible precision. It also aids in the establishment and maintenance of quality standards.


6. A cleaning brush and a cleaning towel are required

What factors should be considered when evaluating a professional barista? At work, it’s all about cleanliness!

A barista’s professionalism is best judged by their ability to keep their work area tidy. As a result, a barista bag must include a cleaning brush and a toilet towel. Remember that brushes and cloths will be needed for various work locations! In addition to prioritizing high-quality, efficient, and timely work. When you’re a professional Barista, hygiene is one of your main priorities.

7. Filter paper – preferred coffee beans – manual brew set

Barista is a career that requires ongoing innovation in terms of experiences. As a result, having a small portable craft brewing kit with you will be beneficial.

Consider going to a location with a nice view and enjoying a cup of coffee. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t have brewing equipment? It is unnecessary to have a decent cup of coffee in a packed coffee shop, which is sometimes just the ideal environment, with excellent company. That alone is enough to brighten up your coffee experience.

Coffee brewing set
Get a portable craft brewing kit to add to your barista equipment and take it with you!
Assuming it comes with a container and is as practical as the Aeroresso Go, a compact brewing device is a recommended portable manual brewing kit. The filter paper works with your preferred brewer and coffee beans. Bring a manual coffee grinder, a scale, and a measuring spoon—the finished coffee pot with a mini kettle and thermometer. Of course, in ideal circumstances, you already have access to a source of boiling water. A tiny boiling water kettle is a good investment if you don’t want to remain inactive. So now you’re ready to take your coffee with you wherever you go. Have a drink with anyone, whether coffee with a fellow Barista or in a comfortable setting.


8. Coffee Journal

The barista kit’s final but most crucial component. It’s a coffee journal where you may keep track of all the intriguing coffees you try. Keep recipes for that perfect cup of coffee you discovered by chance. Make a list of new growth areas, unusual processing processes, and tales about coffee or roasters you admire… You’ve picked up all of the fresh ideas, experiences, or knowledge through chance. Everything should be documented. This is a place where you can save and reflect on your own work experiences. You will constantly be encouraged to progress and improve if you are always in charge of your trip.

These are just a few alternatives to consider when creating your tool bag. You’ll almost certainly have some other favorites. Many baristas have accumulated a variety of collections throughout their careers. Please tell other baristas about your experience!

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