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Lam Dong (edit Bao Lam) is one of the country’s greatest coffee districts, with an estimated output of 382 thousand tons and an area of around 150,000 hectares of coffee. The quality of Lam Dong coffee, on the other hand, has not been recognized, and its market value is not commensurate with its intrinsic potential. Since then, the Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center has continued to apply the model of “Certified sustainable coffee and tea production in the Central Highlands” in Ta Nung commune, Da Lat city, and Hoai Duc commune, Lam Ha district, two of Lam Dong’s high-value coffee and tea districts.


Coffee, like other agricultural goods, is valued differently depending on whether it is grown in a safe or hazardous manner. Coffee is produced according to the UTZ Certified standard – The worldwide certification program for responsible agricultural production and business – and the 4C standard is currently recognized to bring high-quality coffee beans. high value in local consumption and export with Vietnamese coffee. Mr. Han Quynh Chau, a Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center officer who was directly involved in developing the supply model, said: “Lam Dong has a coffee-growing area of 150,000 hectares, but the area has been issued production certificates such as The new UTZ, 4C, spans 40,000 acres and produces 145 tons per year.

We will use the concept to continue to encourage development, boost coffee productivity and quality in a sustainable manner, and give people and Lam Dong coffee trees a future.” Chose coffee and tea plants because tea coffee beans are highly valued in the international market and deliver a higher value than coffee beans. This strategy not only improves the quality of coffee beans, but also develops a “4-house” partnership between Hai Phuong Nam Co., Ltd. (Bao Loc) and 30 farmers from Hai Phuong Nam Co., Ltd. Ta Nung, Da Lat, and 30 farmers from Hoai Duc commune, Lam Ha.


Due to farmers’ archaic farming techniques, the UTZ Certified set of criteria that applies to them faces numerous challenges. “At first, farmers had numerous issues using normal farming methods since they were unfamiliar with tight laws,” said Mr. Dang Cong Duy, a technical consultant with Hai Phuong Nam Company. Farmers, on the other hand, gradually became accustomed to the new agricultural approach and quickly adapted to it. Keeping household books is not yet a habit among ethnic minorities, and they require ongoing assistance. Aside from offering technical guidance, the company also purchases products for those who participate in the model at a higher price than outsiders, ranging from 300 to 500 VND/kg.

However, it is crucial to note that with the new farming standard, input costs for coffee trees are reduced by 25-30% due to reduced fertilizers, plant protection medications, labor… as a result, the entire input cost is reduced, and farmers gain greatly. Many pieces of training have been organized by the model homes, exposing new agricultural methods to the neighboring farmers, creating a buzz, and laying the groundwork for the coffee industry’s future.

In order to develop the coffee industry in Lam Dong, it must focus on increasing productivity and quality. Because of the enormous geographical size, the land potential is limited and cannot be exploited indefinitely. A reasonable development trend is to improve the quality of coffee beans depending on the existing background.

Furthermore, farming according to contemporary standards ensures that the environment is not degraded, thereby improving the quality of life for farmers. “It is not viable to cultivate based on habits and experience or land potential,” said Mr. Nguyen Truc Bong Son, Director of Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center. “Agricultural output in the future must be sustainable and kind to the environment.” Lam Dong coffee will gain value by assisting farmers in producing clean coffee beans at a reduced cost.

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