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Discover Vietnamese High Quality Arabica Coffee Beans

Discover Vietnamese High Quality Arabica Coffee Beans: Coffee tea (Arabica) was the first coffee variety introduced into Vietnam in 1857 through French missionaries. Explore Vietnam quality Arabica coffee beans with Helena. About Arabica Coffee Vietnam Surprised by Vietnam's rise in the world coffee market. Overcoming many famous countries such as Colombia and Indonesia. to become the second-largest coffee exporting country in the world. Many prestigious newspapers have reported on Vietnam as a surprise factor. Because thirty years ago, we were just a rookie, …
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The Best Vietnamese Coffee Beans

Coffee is typically grown in the temperate Central Highlands of the country, using basalt (volcanic) soil, perfect for growing coffee, cacao, and pepper. Join Helena coffee to learn more about the Best coffee beans for Vietnamese coffee. What is Vietnamese coffee? Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world. Second, to rice, coffee is Vietnam's largest exported commodity and accounts for over 18% of global coffee exports. [caption id="attachment_23675" align="aligncenter" width="1350"] Fig 1. Drinking coffee in Vietnamese culture[/caption]  Coffee was first introduced to …
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Vietnam Coffee Introduction: The position of the coffee industry and the role of Vietnam coffee exports

Vietnam Coffee Introduction: Popular Vietnamese street cafes use rudimentary aluminum drip filters. Traditionally, coffee is brewed in separate parts employing a filter, including a small cup, a filter compartment, and a lid that doubles as a container to catch fragrant black coffee cups. Learn more about Vietnam Coffee Introduction with Helena coffee Vietnam. Overview of Vietnamese coffee Introduction The Vietnamese like their coffee nice and slow, and setting up the filter and choosing the right drink time is an art. When the …