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Caffeine, The Substrate Of Civilized SocietyCoffee Shop

Caffeine, The Substrate Of Civilized Society

Caffeine, The Substrate Of Civilized Society - When the Arabs first tasted coffee, did they know its essence and working principle? They do not know! It took centuries for chemists to isolate this chemical in coffee and name it. Caffeine was first isolated from coffee beans in 1820 by chemist F. Runge. Pure Caffeine is a white, odorless crystalline powder with a bitter taste in room conditions. Caffeine crystals may remind us of the shape of ice crystals; however, at high temperatures, …
Coffee Production In El SalvadorVariety

Coffee Production In El Salvador

In the 1850s, El Salvador became the first country to produce coffee commercially. It immediately became a popular crop, with farmers receiving tax incentives. Coffee cultivation became a significant element of the economy and the country's principal export. By 1880, El Salvador was the world's fourth-largest coffee grower, with output more than doubling from today's levels. The country has been dubbed "the land of volcanoes." El Salvador is the smallest Central American country (roughly the size of New Jersey). Yet, it …