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Aroma Kit - Coffee Flavor Dictionary

How do you “understand” the taste of coffee? How do you judge coffee beans as taste cooks? How do you describe the aromas you find in your coffee? Aroma Kit is the answer to these questions! For a long time, enjoying coffee has not simply been a form of entertainment but also an intellectual and artistic activity. The sciences have found more than 100 scent molecules in coffee.

This diversity has prompted the formation and development of coffee sensory skills. Similar to the work of wine-tasting experts – sommeliers. Experts evaluate coffee taste in all aspects to rank through an in-depth analysis. From there, we set standards for quality all over the world.

Taste is an essential skill that needs to be trained

Sensory training programs are built based on science. From there, guide and disseminate techniques and methods to effectively exploit coffee flavors.

Sensory skills are not simply tasting and coming to personal conclusions. The results need to be consistent and objective. So this is a learning and practicing process to identify with speed when evaluating scents accurately.

There are many ways to practice your sensory skills, and using ascent is the most common and convenient method.

People developed the Aroma Kit for sensory training. And help coffee reviewers read the most authentic taste. It is also a familiar voice for unifying standards around the world.

What is Aroma Kit?

Aroma Kit dictionary is a scent that concentrates in liquid form. Experts around the world make it to recreate natural scents. Aroma Kit currently has many market types that can meet users’ different needs. Sets specialize in the smell of wine, tea, and coffee.

Benefits of practicing with Aroma Kit

The aroma kit helps to be proactive about the intensity of training

First and foremost, for any life skill, is the intensity of your workouts. Regular practice is essential to forming rapid reflexes to draw accurate conclusions like sensory skills.

So, with Aroma Kit, you can practice with the desired intensity. There are no difficulties compared to other methods, such as using natural ingredients and flavoring agents, only for limited exercise intensity.

Rich experience with Aroma kit

Some ingredients, such as foreign fruits, are often difficult to find and expensive, making it difficult to expand the aroma experience. In Vietnam, you can hardly find blackcurrant, cherry, or cranberry.

In addition, although the same type of raw material, the quality will differ due to different origins. For example, the mango smell you know of Vietnam will not be the same as the mango smell that the world knows.

Aroma Kit helps you simplify the process and practice the “rare and hard to find” scents. Help you standardize your feelings for the world.

Saving – convenient

In addition to the above benefits, using the Aroma Kit will save you significant search time and funding for training compared to other methods. Moreover, the quality of fresh ingredients will quickly change over time, making it more inconvenient to practice.

With the Aroma kit, practicing independent sensing is easy!

Have you ever found it challenging to practice feeling alone? When exposed to a new scent, you probably won’t know how to describe or analyze it!

Unlike practicing with many people, you will have an objective and prosperous way of judging through sharing feelings, which makes remembering scents easy. However, you can’t always practice in groups. Significantly independent practice will help you focus more.

When using Aroma Kit, with the orientation analysis system of the odor set with an illustration card, you can easily update the scent information and its origin/ composition.

How to use an Aroma Kit?

The aroma Kit is handy for sensory training. But to ensure the practice is smooth, using the kit properly will help preserve the tool better, helping to maximize the practice experience.

Considerations when using aroma kits:

  • Keep your hands clean, and do not mix with other odors when using the smell. Before touching the perfume vial, note that the hands are always dry and clean. Ensure the vial of fragrances is not contaminated with other odors, and ensure accuracy when identifying odors during your workout.
  • Always place the jars of smell standing. You will pour the solution out if you have not tightened the vial lid.
  • The vial of smell always comes with its lid. When using, you should hold both the vial of the scent and its cover simultaneously. Avoiding the condition of jars and lids in two different locations increases you spill the risk of the vial or the top of the smell being confused.
  • Always tighten the lid before moving on to other jars of smell. Like the above, the aroma vial should always go with its cover. And you should end the use of one vial of odor before transferring to another vial.

How to practice sensory skills with an Aroma kit:

It would help if you practiced with a smell for 30 minutes daily for maximum effect. First, pick out any odors and set the reflexes first by describing the shape/color/memory/temperature of the smells on the notepaper. Then check the results and remember your description/impression of the scent.

When you practice scent, you can create memories in as much detail about scent as possible for reflex formation, especially in images.

Aroma Kits are trusted in the world

The Nose of the Cafe Aroma Kit

Jean Lenoir designed The Cafe Aroma Kit, a leading French wine expert. The smells consist of the 36 most common characteristic flavors found in coffee. Attach a detailed guidebook on the principles behind forming such scents as a primary method, roasting level, or brewing style.

The Aroma Kit is also the “directional” smell for roasters and baristas when entering the world of coffee sensitivity.

Previously, People also used the Aroma kit odor in the CSP (Coffee Skill Program) of the World Specialty Coffee Association(SCA). Jean Lenoir also has a 54-set wine-specific range.

Stone Coffee Flavor Map T100

The Stone Institute is the only unit in the world to date. They founded KICCI (The Korea Coffee Foundation) and Stone.

In 2016, Scientists made T100 – Coffee Flavor Map a powerful support tool for the training and practice of coffee sensory skills.

What’s interesting about Scentone’s Aroma Kit T100

Stone’s Coffee Flavor Map T100 consists of 100 familiar smells found in coffee with general standards regulated by the world. The card set has an accompanying image to use specifically for practice.

Stone Coffee Flavor Map T100 is a dictionary that describes and summarizes the smell’s origin. In addition, Stone also released odor sets specifically for tea wine.

Stone flavor map T100 is also a certified tool used in SCA training classes.

Aroma kit’s role in the coffee industry

Similar to machines and tools at work. An aroma Kit is an essential tool for “practicing.” Specifically for those involved in brewing coffee, roasting coffee, QC, or Coffee Flavorist (expert in tasting and appraising coffee flavors) …

Assessing scent is a personal activity. So calibration and standardization are essential to finding our familiar voice worldwide, especially when pricing products.

The aroma Kit is vital because it is the most powerful and accurate support tool. Moreover, this is also a “companion” for developing your sensory skills.

However, practicing with Aroma Kit is not enough. You will need to collect scent data through search experience with actual ingredients. Or with flavorings used on the market to have complete knowledge of the scent.

The training process will take time and effort. But, the smell is one of the agents that brings positive emotions to the nerves. It brings incredible joy just by “smelling.” It’s simple and effective. Let’s learn, discover and experience this wonderful thing!


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