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How To Choose Arabica Vs Robusta Beans for your coffee taste

Arabica Vs Robusta Beans

Arabica Vs Robusta Beans

With many types of coffee on the market, there are two familiar beans, Arabica vs Robusta beans, that stand out with their unique characteristics and flavors. Consumers often wonder when choosing the type of coffee that suits their preferences and needs. In this article, we will join Helena Coffee to learn the difference between the two most popular types of coffee in the world.

Are Arabica vs Robusta Beans related?

The coffee plant group has been divided and evolved into four different types. Arabica (Eugenioides) and Robusta (Canephora) are two of the four main strains of coffee, along with Liberica and Congensis. All species of organisms on earth have undergone differentiation to create new varieties through genetic mutation and natural selection over thousands of years.

Robusta coffee plants have adapted to environmental conditions in low altitude areas, high climate temperatures and are very resistant to pests and diseases. Meanwhile, Arabica adapts well to altitudes above 900 meters above sea level, low temperatures and is not as resistant to pests as Robusta.

Robusta includes many varieties such as TR4, Timor Hybrid, Sarchimor, and in Vietnam, Robusta variety is widely grown with strong pollination properties and produces many large coffee cherries.

Arabica includes varieties such as Typica, Bourbon and some special varieties found in Ethiopia in Africa. The term “Heirloom” appears on coffee packaging to describe Arabica coffee products in general due to the combination of the tree’s genome over many years, creating a variety that loses its original characteristics, unable to Identify each specific species.

Difference between Arabica and Robusta

Growing conditions

The Arabica coffee plant, also known as tea coffee, usually has the shape of a large shrub with dark green oval leaves and characteristic oval-shaped coffee cherries. Each Arabica coffee fruit has only one coffee bean called a peaberry. Arabica coffee plants are often more susceptible to pests than Robusta.

Robusta coffee plants, also known as Robusta coffee, often have a shrub or smaller shape. The tree’s root system is powerful despite being small. The coffee fruit has slightly round seeds and contains two oval shaped seeds, smaller than Arabica beans.

Farmer picking coffee

Arabica coffee plants require strict environmental conditions with the right temperature and annual rainfall to produce a high harvest. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee plants have the ability to adapt well to many different environmental conditions.

Arabica coffee trees usually have a height of 2.5 to 4.5m, require a temperature of 15⁰ to 24⁰C and an annual rainfall of about 1200 to 2200 mm. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee trees usually grow from 4.5 to 6.5m high, require temperatures from 18⁰ to 36⁰C and slightly more rainfall (from 2200 to 3000 mm/year). Arabica typically yields lower yields than Robusta.

Currently, Arabica coffee is widely grown in Latin America, Central and East Africa, India and some regions in Indonesia. Brazil and Colombia are the two leading countries in exporting Arabica coffee beans in the world today, accounting for about 70% of total world coffee production.

Caffeine concentration

Arabica coffee beans have a caffeine concentration: of 0.9 to 1.7%, while the caffeine content of Robusta beans is much higher, about 2.5%. Foreigners often favor Arabica coffee beans, especially Western countries.

Regarding fat and sugar content: Arabica has more than 60% fat and almost twice as much sugar as Robusta. This factor greatly affects the difference in flavor between the two types of coffee.

Arabica vs Robusta Beans

Coffee beans

One of the important differences between the two is the coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans have a slightly curved shape and are larger. Arabica coffee beans also have a lighter color, green or bright red. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee beans have a dark brown color and a more rounded shape.


These two types of coffee have distinct characteristics of acidity, bitterness and aftertaste. Typically, Arabica has a higher acidity level than Robusta, due to its higher chlorogenic acid content. However, Robusta has a stronger bitterness than Arabica, created from a combination of caffeine and other compounds. As for the aftertaste, Arabica often provides a sweeter experience, with a characteristic chocolate or caramel taste


Arabica coffee has a more delicate and complex aroma. Therefore, Arabica is often used to make black coffee or espresso. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee is often used to accentuate the bitter taste of a blended coffee.

Properties of the two types

Arabica Coffee

Robusta Coffee

Production process

Arabica coffee is usually grown at altitudes from 800 – 2000 meters above sea level and requires climatic and soil conditions to achieve the best quality. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee can be grown below 800 meters above sea level and can withstand harsher climatic conditions.

Delicious coffee beans

Coffee production processes are not the same. The Arabica coffee production process usually lasts 7-9 months, including steps such as harvesting, shelling, washing and drying, roasting and packaging. Meanwhile, the Robusta coffee production process only lasts about 6-8 months and has an additional step of classifying coffee beans.

Arabica and Robusta blends of coffee

Blending these two types of coffee is a popular method to create coffees with special flavors and aromas. Arabica and Robusta blends are widely used in the coffee industry to create coffee products with a variety of flavors.

Coffee blends may include:

What kind of coffee should you buy that tastes best?

In general, Arabica is rated higher than Robusta, especially in terms of taste. Although, some high-quality Robusta coffees also have a great flavor. However, if you like a strong feeling and a deep bitter taste, then Robusta will be the top choice with its high caffeine content and characteristic bitter taste.

Therefore, there is no absolute answer for choosing the right type of coffee. This decision really depends on your personal preferences, tastes, and desires. Each person has their own taste standards, and there is no right or wrong in choosing the right type of coffee for them.

Above is information about the difference between Arabica vs Robusta beans. Each type of coffee has its own characteristics and is used for different purposes. Choosing which type of coffee is right for you depends on your personal preferences.

Learning about different types of coffee will help you make the right choice and fully enjoy the flavor of coffee. Hope this article has helped you better understand the differences between these two types of coffee!.

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