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Arabica coffee: The journey to conquer the world’s taste


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Arabica coffee: The journey to conquer the world’s taste – They were dubbed as Adam and Eve of the world coffee village. Arabica appears in many coffee anecdotes in the kingdom of Kefa, with more than 1000 years old.
Over time, Arabica coffee beans have conquered even the most demanding customers. In the article below, let’s discover what achievements the “old man” Arabica possesses!

Origin Of Arabica Coffee

There are many anecdotes spread about the origin of Arabica coffee. However, up to now, no story has been 100% recognized.

Just know, a thousand years ago, Arabica was discovered in the highlands of the Kingdom of Kefa (present-day Ethiopia), where the Oromos tribe ate coffee beans, crushed and mixed with fat for use.

The Arabian peninsula is to the east of Ethiopia, where this nut was first grown and traded. By the 15th century, coffee was developed in the Yemeni district, still produced today.

The reputation of this coffee bean has attracted hundreds of traders worldwide to establish Arabica coffee. People have gradually become aware of the great benefits that coffee beans bring.

And then, after hundreds of years, the Venetian merchants became known as the merchants of the best coffee bean drink.

After thousands of miles of the ocean, Arabica coffee beans reach people in all parts of the world.

Factors affecting the development of Arabica

Do not think that Arabica beans are “easy” to reach anywhere. To reap the most beautiful round Arabica beans depends on many factors.

In which altitude, climate, water source, farming conditions, and preliminary processing methods play a crucial role in determining the taste of coffee.

The vast majority of us only take a few seconds and a few minutes to taste the delicious taste of a cup of Arabica. But eggplant seeds take seven years of youth to fully mature.

On the other hand, ideal weather, humidity, and rainfall all contribute to the difference in this alpine coffee bean taste.

Arabica Coffee Strains

Arabica has many names depending on its region and place of origin. For example, in Vietnam, it is called coffee and tea. It is called Brazilian Milds or Colombian Milds in Brazil if it comes from Colombia and Other Milds from other countries.

Commercially, there are four popular varieties of pure arabica.

The four purebred species are Catimor, Bourbon, Moka, and Typica. Each coffee strain has a different flavor and is processed in unique ways.


A purebred brother of the Arabica variety, appearing on the rare list in the coffee village. Because of the difficulty in cultivation and conservation, the remaining coffee is minimal.

Typica’s yield is low, but the quality is considered one of the best in the world. Typica has an ecstatic, elegant, and luxurious aroma for coffee connoisseurs.

When tasting, the first taste is sour of lemon with a floral scent, and after is a long-lasting sweetness that is memorable.


One of the “immortal” monuments conquering generations of coffee enthusiasts. Named after the French island of Bourbon, the eggplant has a beautiful shape when ripe.

Juicy round and red or yellow, depending on the variety. If you are one of the true fans of sweet coffee, you must try a cup of Bourbon coffee. They possess a sophisticated taste, adding an elegant and sophisticated sour taste.


Not as meticulous as its brother Typica, Catimor is easy to grow and gives high yields today. Possesses a strong, sweet, and equally seductive aroma.

It is shameless to be a hybrid of Timor and Caturra seeds when enjoying the taste that awakens each of the senses inside the body.


Be pampered like a “princess” during planting and growing at the right altitude and climate. Just a little carelessness can change the taste and quality of the coffee beans.

People secretly love Moka because it possesses an attractive and elegant fragrance. Queen Moka has a unique sour taste easily misunderstood for coffee with impurities. However, only coffee connoisseurs can recognize a cup of pure Moka coffee.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible delicious Arabica flavor

People choose to stick with Arabica coffee because it brings a feeling of closeness and sincerity. You will not find it in any other coffee with such a distinctive ethereal taste. That is why every customer, when choosing Arabica, stops at this type of coffee.

It is because cultivating and caring for Arabica varieties is complicated and sophisticated. 43 Factory Roaster Coffee always understands and is dedicated to processing how to awaken the best taste in Arabica.

From the moment the Arabica tree bears fruit until the fruit is harvested, through a careful selection process to the hands of the “factory.”

The eggplant seeds are cherished with all the hearts of the workers here. With the hands of artisans, meticulous perfectionists, promising a delicious cup of Arabica.

Always proud to be a roaster that connects people’s values ​​with specialty coffee. The workshop sends all the love in each stage of creating finished products.

The soul is expressed in each cup of Arabica coffee so that the audience can enjoy it with peace of mind.

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