All About The Secret To Choosing A Specialized Kettle To Make Coffee

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All About The Secret To Choosing A Specialized Kettle To Make Coffee: You can make coffee with any kettle, But if you need consistently good coffee, you need a dedicated coffee pot

A dedicated coffee pot (also known as a Pour Over) is for you if you :

  • I don’t have much knowledge and experience in making but want to enjoy a good coffee at home in an economical way (rather than going to the shop every day).
  • Passionate about coffee and found relaxation and peace of mind while making coffee. This has become an integral part of your everyday life. For you, feeling & enjoying the delicious taste of coffee is the way to enjoy life.
  • Or you are the Barista who makes coffee every day. This job requires you to carefully control the preparation process to meet customer needs. And you need to create a uniform coffee flavor in each serving.

Then a Kettle will be an indispensable thing for you to have a cup of coffee that makes you satisfied every day. This will be a worthy investment to have a great day starting with a good cup of coffee.



The flow of water during the brewing process is extremely important. This is a big influence on the final taste of the coffee cup. Therefore, to be able to master the skill of mixing, it is very important to create a balanced extract. Knowing this is that you already have one of the keys to improving the taste of coffee. And with its signature gooseneck design, the Pour-Over Kettle helps you pour water exactly where you want it, adjusting the amount and speed of the water. From there, you will be able to control and achieve balance in the extract more easily.

That’s why not all kettles are suitable for making coffee. And not all kettles will give the same flavor even if used to brew the same nuts. You need to understand what kind of “weapon” you own to be able to create your favorite coffee flavor. Especially for Baristas, this is essential to control the mixing process and satisfy customer needs.

Not only that, but the specialty of Kettle Pour Over also lies in the diverse features and features specifically designed for coffee making such as thermometer, material, handle, lid… Features This feature makes making coffee simpler than ever. You will no longer have to mess around when you have to control too many things. From there, it is easier to create a better coffee flavor with a more standard extraction ratio.

And another reason that would be remiss not to mention. That is a unique beauty, found ll of differences between the color-Overettle compared to ordinary household kettles. The soft and proud gooseneck design will bring unmistakable color to your coffee shop or home. Most importantly, following the history of coffee development, the Pour-Over Kettle has become the symbol representing the fresh Third Wave of Coffee that covers all continents. Then what better choice than this special Kettle, if you want your bar to be bold in the customer’s mind with a professional style not found everywhere.


Not only making coffee but Kettle Pour Over can also be used to make tea, make milk, cook… with all kinds of induction cookers, infrared cookers…

For you guys, at Helena’s office, Warm Pour Over is also used to Pour Mi! The bowl of noodles is extremely delicious with the convenience of the Pour-Over Kettle. You just need to boil and pour water evenly all over the noodles so that the noodles are cooked evenly, without hard spots like a regular kettle.

That said, the color-Overettle can help you do quite a lot because of its gooseneck design. Remember: for jobs that require a small, even pour, use a Pour-Over kettle!

And most of all, there is one point that they are quite similar to ordinary kettles: DURABLE!


The technology of the kettle is quite simple and does not get old quickly every year like Smart Phone. You only need to buy it once and use it for a lifetime. A kettle is quite difficult to break, so you only need to invest once and you can use it for a long time. But why do people still buy so many kettles?

Maybe they are warm people, who love the beauty of the gooseneck. Maybe they are Baristas, coffee shop owners who want to maximize the productivity of their baristas and decoration.

Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you should choose for yourself the most suitable kettle.

How to choose a Pour-Over kettle

The Pour Over kettle is one of the most iconic items of the third-wave movement in the coffee industry.

Most people can easily see a barista carefully making a circular motion when entering a small, beautifully designed 3rd wave cafe.

Baristas don’t use Kettle Pour Over just because it looks nice and professional.

They use this device because it makes making coffee so much easier and simpler. The Pour Over kettle is a fairly simple appliance with just a few basic differences between certain models.  The team would like to list  some criteria for selection based on the types of kettles available on the market:

  1. Electric Kettle and Normal Kettle
  2. Capacity and Volume
  3. Warm faucet
  4. Handle
  5. Warm lid
  6. Material, substance
  7. Thermometer
  8. Design

Electric Kettle and Normal Kettle

Electric  Kettle: An electric kettle is a kettle with an electric water heater attached.


  • Convenience: Just pour water into the kettle and push the button. No need to put it on the stove to cook.
  • Fast: Water is boiled very quickly. No need to waste time pouring water from Kettle to Smaller Kettle to pour.
  • It is possible to adjust the water to be boiled to a certain temperature.
  • Many kettles can keep the water at the initial set temperature.

⇒ You can completely do other things while waiting for the water to boil.

⇒ You can be proactive in the preparation. Different types of coffee may need different brewing temperatures.

⇒ Consistent taste with stable water temperature through brewing.


  • Bulky and heavy due to many components.

⇒ Not easy to carry and move.

  • The cost is usually much higher.
  • Currently in Vietnam there is no genuine distribution of electric kettles, so warranty conditions are difficult.

⇒ Please inquire carefully about the warranty 

  • Many thermoses can be set to serve at a large coffee shop.

Regular kettle: Kettle has only the most basic parts (bottle body, spout, handle, lid) to serve the purpose of storing and pouring boiling water.


  • Compact & Light. Easier to hold and move.
  • Pleasant price.


  • Have to boil water in another kettle and then pour it in to pour.

⇒ May cause delay in dispensing.

  • Difficult to control the water temperature in the kettle.

⇒ FIX:

  • Buy a thermometer to control your temperature. 
  • For large shops: Buy a dedicated kettle that can set the temperature. This will be much less expensive than buying 5 or 6 kettles that can be set to temperature.

Capacity / Volume

In the past, most kettles usually only have a volume of 1 liter. Today, coffee kettles are very diverse with many different designs and volumes, from 450ml to 1200ml, depending on your needs.

Big kettle (1 liter to 1.2 liters)

The big kettle is definitely … can hold more water ta han small kettle! The ability to hold more water than that helps a lot in the preparation. You can completely control the preparation of many cups of coffee or Pour Over many different funnels at the same time. Allows you to fully serve a large number of customers.

To further reveal to you, if you apply the Pour Ovethe r method of Champion Tetsu Kasuya along with good barista management, and the baristas work together in each stage of pouring water, you can serve a lot of people. many guests at the same time with a big kettle!

Besides, the disadvantages of large kettles are:

  • Heavy, bulky, difficult to move… Female baristas need a lot of practice to be able to use those big kettles ^^.
  • Large faucet: Difficult to control the flow of water, if you do not control it well, it can damage your coffee pot.


Small kettle (450ml, 600ml)

Holds less water, but in return, it is easy to hold because it is compact and easy to move. Most small kettles are designed with a faucet with a small cross-section to help you easily control the speed and size of the water flow. Coffee quality is easily controlled even if you are a beginner. However, small is also a peak point. You can only make a pot or two of coffee with small pots. Therefore, the small kettle is suitable for individual needs or small coffee shops. Coffee shops often buy small kettles for baristas to practice or they own their water heaters to solve the problem of needing hot water continuously when crowded.

Warm faucet

Most coffeepots use a gooseneck spout for easy adjustment and steady water flow. This makes making coffee easier. However, there are still many different types of gooseneck faucets, depending on the curvature of the faucet, nozzle design, and faucet cross-section.

  • Faucet curvature:
    • Large curvature, with more bends, so usually closer to the body of the vessel and less forward:
      • Slower water flows due to more bends to prevent water flow → easier to adjust and pour a small stream from a 90-degree angle.
      • The water flow is easily coiled and twisted due to the influence of the bends of the faucet → if not adjusted, it is easy to disturb the coffee powder unintentionally, affecting the extraction.
    • The curvature is little, the hose is only slightly bent, so it usually reaches out further:
      • The water flow is faster and more even because it is not obstructed by many bends → difficult to adjust and pour small flow from 90 degrees.
      • Water flow is even and kink-free, coiling → more even extraction.
  • Faucet head:
    • Faucet head down easy to create a small stream at a 90-degree angle when brewing → easier to pour, better quality, better water contact with the coffee surface.
    • Faucet head reaches out and is horizontal: easier to control water where you want to pour, difficult to control the amount and speed of water when pouring → difficult to create a small stream.
  • Faucet section
    • Large faucet: water flows faster & more → make more cups faster but also more difficult to control the water flow. For those who are new to coffee, or for personal use, the large water flow means that it will be quite difficult to control the amount of water and control the brewing time, affecting the quality of the coffee.
    • Small faucet: water flows slowly & less → easier to control water flow, easier to make smaller flow / easy to lose the threat of water, time-consuming to make more cups.

Some warm models have slower pouring rates, and some warm models have faster water rates. We want a kettle that doesn’t pour too fast. However, speed is not as important as consistency. With a kettle that has a fast pour rate, you can also get used to it with practice. However, the kettle loses its meaning if it cannot produce an even and steady flow of water. As the end goal is to create a balanced extraction to bring out the good taste of the coffee.


  • The handle should have a moderate size, rounded, fit the user’s hand, and not too big but not too small. Large or small handles make Barista tired during the process of making many cups of coffee.
  • Insulation with materials such as plastic, wood, and leather. In the current market, insulated kettles are quite expensive. You can completely insulate your steel-handled kettle with a small towel.
  • Design a suitable distance from the body of the bottle to avoid burns.
  • Should have a ledge design for the user to grasp when holding. The edge of the kettle makes the kettle less slippery, making it easier to control the water flow.

    Warm lid

    • A negative lock is required to prevent it from falling out when pouring.
    • There is a knob on the top with heat-insulating material so that users do not get burned when opening the lid and easily control the water flow when making coffee.

A small hole for the thermometer is required

Material, substance

  • Avoid poor quality metal materials, which will wear out quickly, create a rusty smell, and even crack along the joints.
  • Should be alloyed that are safe for health, durable, and odorless like 304 stainless steel.
  • The thickness or thickness of the kettle. The thin thickness of the kettle will affect the heat loss of the water in the kettle. A small kettle, you do not need to worry too much about this. However, with a large kettle and a large number of guests, you need to pay attention to this factor. The heat loss of the water may cause your coffee to be extracted unsatisfactory. A small suggestion for you is to use a small thermometer to measure the heat loss of the kettle over time to better understand your kettle.


A thermometer is quite an important factor if you want to excel at your barista skills and experiment with different recipes. The types of kettles on the market can be divided into the following types:

      • The electric kettle can be adjusted so that the water is boiled to a certain temperature. Some types can even be adjusted to keep the water at that temperature for a certain amount of time, which is very convenient. You can walk around and do different things without worrying about the water losing heat.
      • The kettle has a built-in thermometer design, which is very convenient. However, the downside is that the thermometer can be blurred, and difficult to read due to water vapor clinging to the thermometer glass.

The kettle has a hole in the lid for a thermometer. You can purchase an external thermometer to determine the actual temperature in the flask. This is the most economical and effective option for Baristas who do not want to invest a lot of coffee drinkers at home.


Pouring kettles come in many different designs and colors. A coffee experience space needs to have a kettle that matches the design style to ensure aesthetics. There are countless types of kettles of different shapes on the market that you can choose from. However, do not forget that the main task of a coffee pot is to help you make a good cup of coffee. So, make sure your coffee pot is “Wooden” first and choose “Paint” later <3

3. Some brands 


The Brewista series of kettles have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Many professional Baristas are switching to this convenient electric kettle.

This kettle can adjust the water temperature. When making coffee, even the smallest parameter change can lead to a difference in taste. With the ability to adjust the temperature, even just 1 degree, every choice of coffee flavor is in your hands. The mechanism to regulate the water temperature is quite accurate. Average boiling speed. About 5-6 minutes to boil water from cold water.

Brewrista has a long spout, a large curvature, a downward-facing nozzle – slow flow rate, easy flow control,  good flow break without dripping, suitable for beginners. The large volume of the stainless steel kettle makes this a good investment for a professional coffee shop.

However, the downside is that this kettle is quite heavy, and not easy to hold and move with beginners. Currently, Brewrista has many different shapes and colors to suit many different bar spaces.

This is one of the best electric kettle models for dedicated baristas. All these convenient features make making coffee a whole lot easier. If you can afford it, this will be a great tool.

Hario Buono

The Hario Buono kettle is said to be the origin of the gooseneck kettle and has been the sole choice for Baristas for a long time. Hario Buono is uniquely designed with delicate curves – the same design as other products from Hario. With a large volume of 1.2l, this kettle can completely meet the needs of preparation from individuals to coffee shops.

Hario Buono with a short spout, quite large, this makes the flow rate fast get high. However, the weakness is also the strength. With Baristas who can control Buono’s faucet, they can completely prepare many pots of coffee at the same time without fear of affecting the quality of the brewing pot. The kettle is like a Red Horse, it’s a bit difficult to control, but once it’s controlled, it certainly won’t let you down!

The material of Buono is lighter than other kettles of the same volume, so they are quite easy to hold even though they are full of water. Best of all, the handle is designed with an insulating plastic filter, so you can rest assured that you won’t get hot when holding the kettle.

The Hario Buono isn’t the prettiest or most technologically advanced kettle on the market, but if you want a simple, beautiful, and iconic appliance, the Hario is a good choice.


The Fellow kettle once made a splash with its unique, comfortable, easy-to-grip handle design. The non-heat-set Fellow kettle lid comes with a mechanical thermometer, but it’s not very accurate and is often steamed, causing fogging.

Fellow’s faucet is short, with moderate curvature: moderate flow rate, relatively easy to regulate water flow. the fellow kettle faucet has a specially designed nose (slick at the nosand e), the water flow can be adjusted easily but still avoids dripping. This is exactly why this kettle is worth it.

Fellow, in addition to the normal type, also has the type that uses electricity to heat, which can be easily adjusted to the water temperature. The fellow kettle has a unique modern look and an eye-catching design that will brighten up your bar. Another disadvantage of Fellow is that the price is quite expensive, so Baristas will have to save a lot of money to own this kettle.

However, if you are passionate about coffee and bartending then Fellow will well deserve a place in your kettle collection.

Finally, not only are there 3 brands above, but the market also has countless other types of kettles with similar quality and much more attractive prices. Just by understanding the basic structure and factors affecting your pot you can find the perfect kettle for you to enjoy your coffee!


Remember, no matter what price range or brand, the purpose of a dedicated coffee maker is to make coffee. Therefore, choose a kettle that is capable of making good coffee first, and then choose its design. A coffee pot is quite durable, so you can rest assured that once you buy a good kettle, you can fully enjoy the best coffee drops every day.


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