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Aeropress – Mixing Tools

Aeropress – Mixing Tools

Aeropress – Mixing tools. Do you know what Aeropress is? It looks like a vast coffee syringe and is one of the unique coffee makers on the market. But wait, there’s more! It’s also the only device with an international tournament dedicated to it, the World Aeropress Championship.

The origins and applications of the Aeropress

Aerobie, a flying saucer designed by the same individual – Alan Adler – was the inspiration for Ae’s name. On the other hand, it is intended to make the perfect coffee extract and has set multiple world records for the farthest emitted object.

Inside a syringe-like brewing chamber, the Aeropress holds ground coffee and water. The brewed coffee is forced through a multi-chamber lid containing custom-shaped filter paper by applying manual pressure. (There are other metallic filter discs available.)

When it comes to making coffee, the Aeropress gives you many options. You can grind finer for a better extraction because the pressure applied separates the grounds from the extract better than filtration systems that rely solely on gravity.

You can also make lighter, more elegant coffees at the same time. Because of its extreme customizability, It has already won a world championship in espresso brewing — as of this writing.

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