Aeropress Go Review: Your Ultimate Companion For Travel Coffee Brewing Adventure

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Aeropress Go Review: Discover the Aeropress Go, the latest innovation in portable coffee brewing. Explore how it stacks up against the original Aeropress and decide if it’s the ultimate travel coffee companion for you.

Reviewing the Aeropress Go: Your Ultimate Travel Coffee Maker

The Aeropress Go stands out as one of the most compact travel coffee makers available. This miniature brewer, weighing less than a pound, neatly fits inside its accompanying coffee mug. Essentially, it’s a downsized version of the classic Aeropress, maintaining its signature ability to produce strong, smooth shots of coffee through pressure brewing. If you’re a fan of Aeropress coffee, the travel-friendly Aeropress Go is sure to meet your expectations.

Visual Attraction – 3.5/5

The Aeropress and its newer counterpart, the Aeropress Go, prioritize functionality and portability over aesthetic appeal. While neither of these portable coffee makers aims to be a centerpiece for your kitchen counter, the Aeropress Go, like its predecessor, boasts a design that is both practical and durable.

Despite its focus on functionality, the Aeropress Go still offers a degree of visual charm. Its compact size and charming appearance make it an attractive addition to any coffee lover’s collection. The red silicone cap and matching accents on the brewing chamber add a touch of style, showcasing thoughtful design elements.

User-Friendliness – Rating: 4 out of 5

Using the Aeropress Go is a breeze. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned brewer, mastering this device is a snap with the included instructions, taking no more than ten minutes to get started. And if you’re already familiar with the Aeropress, transitioning to the Go is seamless, as the process remains unchanged.

Similar to its predecessor, the Aeropress Go offers an efficient coffee-making experience. Drawing inspiration from espresso shot extraction, its plunger design simplifies the process, requiring just a brief ten-second stir before brewing commences. What sets it apart from other portable options is its ability to produce a flavorful cup of coffee in under two minutes, making it an ideal choice for travelers on the go.

Cleaning the Aeropress Go is also a breeze. Once used, the grounds are compacted into a puck that can be easily disposed of, and a quick rinse is all it takes to clean the brewing chamber.

Brewing Flexibility – 3.5/5

The Aeropress Go offers ample room for experimentation despite its straightforward design. If you enjoy adjusting variables like grind size, steep duration, water temperature, and extraction pressure to craft your perfect cup, this coffee maker is ideal. When it comes to brewing options, it can deliver a concentrated shot resembling espresso, an Americano, or even cold brew-style coffee. However, the manufacturer suggests brewing espresso strength and then diluting with water or milk.

In blind taste tests, individuals ranging from professionals to coffee enthusiasts consistently prefer this smoother brewing method over the alternative, which tends to produce a more bitter taste. Like its predecessor, the Aeropress Go can be used inverted, a technique favored by many experts for its ability to extract maximum flavor from the grounds.

It’s worth noting that using the inverted method reduces the brewer’s capacity compared to the standard technique, and this effect is more pronounced in the compact Aeropress Go.

Coffee Taste – 5/5

The Aeropress Go delivers the same exceptional coffee as its predecessor, the Aeropress Original, renowned enough to inspire a World Championship. Its brew boasts remarkable smoothness, subtle sweetness, and an absence of bitterness. Utilizing immersion brewing, pressurized extraction, and a paper filter, it produces a flavorful yet clean-tasting cup with a relatively light body.

I’ve experimented with brewing light, medium, and dark roasts using the Aeropress Go. With its flexibility in grind size, water temperature, and brewing techniques, achieving the perfect extraction for any coffee is feasible, albeit requiring some trial and error. I recommend starting with hotter water and a finer grind for lighter roasts and adjusting as needed.

Ease of Transportation – 5/5

The Aeropress Go excels in portability, its standout feature and primary allure. A compact rendition of Alan Adler’s original invention, it condenses the entire setup into a remarkably smaller package. Enclosed within the included 444 mL mug, doubling as a carrying case, are essential accessories like a compact coffee scoop, a foldable stirrer, and a designated filter holder, alongside the brewer itself. Impressively, the entire ensemble weighs a mere 323 grams.

However, one aspect that distinguished the original Aeropress was its ability to accommodate a small hand grinder within the brewing chamber. While not every user prioritizes freshly ground coffee daily, those who do may find the necessity of carrying the grinder separately diminishes the space-saving advantage over the original model.

The accompanying mug boasts a cleverly ribbed exterior, providing both insulation and enhanced grip for mobile coffee enthusiasts. Additionally, it features a silicone lid for spill prevention, albeit with a less secure seal compared to conventional travel mugs.

Bang for Your Buck – 4.5/5

In terms of affordability, the Aeropress Go offers excellent value for the quality of coffee it delivers. Priced just slightly higher than its predecessor, the inclusion of a mug makes it a cost-effective choice, particularly for frequent travelers. Its price point is comparable to that of a mid-range French press, yet many prefer the concentrated, low-acidity coffee produced by the Aeropress.

Moreover, durability is a strong suit of the Aeropress Go. Built to last, this coffee maker is unlikely to require frequent replacement, if ever. Should any parts be lost or damaged, they are readily available for individual purchase, with many components interchangeable between the two Aeropress models.

While the purchase of paper filters is necessary, they are budget-friendly and reusable for multiple brews, with 350 provided initially. Alternatively, investing in a metal filter offers long-term savings and contributes to reducing waste.

5 Reasons Not to Invest in the Aeropress Go

If you already own an Aeropress, the Aeropress Go might not be necessary. While it’s slightly more compact and includes a plastic cup, unless you’re prioritizing weight and space for backpacking, your existing Aeropress should suffice for most travel scenarios.

If you prefer larger cups of coffee or need to serve multiple people, both the original Aeropress and the Aeropress Go have limitations. The original Aeropress can brew up to 10 ounces, albeit concentrated, while the Aeropress Go brews only 8 ounces per cycle.

If you enjoy witnessing the brewing process, Aeropress offers the Aeropress Clear, providing transparency during brewing. This alternative may better suit those interested in observing their coffee preparation.

For those seeking a visually appealing addition to their countertop, the Aeropress Go may not fit the bill. Designed primarily for functionality rather than aesthetics, it resembles a miniature garbage can. Consider alternatives like the Nespresso Pixie Machine or the elegant Kalita Wave dripper for a more visually pleasing brewing experience.

Aeropress Go Review: The Conclusion

The Aeropress Go caters to a specific audience seeking a compact and versatile travel coffee maker. Its all-in-one design ensures convenience, while its durability makes it suitable for outdoor adventures or everyday use. Comparable in quality to the original Aeropress, its compact size allows for easy transportation, whether in a hiking pack or a car cup holder. Ultimately, whether it surpasses the original depends on individual preferences.