4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World

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4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World

4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World: Do you know the names of the world’s most popular coffee varieties? Coffee is a familiar drink for many people, but not everyone fully understands the type of coffee they are enjoying.

What are coffee beans, coffee beans, and jackfruit coffee in Vietnam? Let’s discover the “special” names that only connoisseurs of coffee understand.

Arabica beans – Coffee Tea is the most popular coffee in the world

The first is Arabica; this coffee variety originated in the highlands of Ethiopia. It is a tropical region of East Africa with the scientific name Coffea Arabica. It is called coffee tea because it has a small stem, foliage, and many morphological characteristics similar to tea.

It is the most cultivated variety globally and has the highest economic value. Because the market favors it due to its rich taste. The amount of caffeine is moderate and not bitter.

Biological characteristics of Arabica

Arabica coffee trees like to live in high mountains (from 1000m to 1500m above sea level). Especially suitable for cool climates (from 16 to 25 degrees Celsius) and is a shade-loving plant.

The tree is usually 3-5m tall; it can be up to 5-15m tall under favorable conditions. It takes 4-5 years to harvest. Its lifespan is about 25 years and needs to be replaced.

Vietnam’s climate and soil conditions are not suitable for growing conditions. Therefore, the area planted with coffee and tea only accounts for about 10% of the total coffee cultivation area of ​​the country.

4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World
Arabica coffee trees are suitable for growing in the shade

The taste of Arabica

Arabica coffee berries are sometimes elliptical or oval. When ripe, the fruit is bright red or yellow color. The diameter of the fruit can reach 10-15mm. Seeds are oval, with avy groove in the middle. The caffeine content is only about 1-2%. Arabica coffee has a sour tasmildly bitter, bitter aftertaste, not as harsh as Robusta. The unique aroma of layers of caramel or typical fruit.

Robusta – Voi coffee is quite popular in Vietnam (slurp, variety, roast) 

Biological characteristics of Robusta

Second, the Coffee Varieties has the scientific name Coffea Robusta or Canephora. Very suitable for planting in low mountains (about 400m to 1000m above sea level). The tropical monsoon climate with a temperature of 24-29 degrees Celsius is a suitable environment for the growth and development of this plant. This is a plant that loves sunlight.

Coffee beans are in the form of trees or shrubs. It can grow up to 10m tall if grown in favorable conditions. We can harvest the fruit after 3-4 years with a lifespan up to about 30 years.

4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World
Robusta green and roasted beans

Robusta is the second most popular and essential variety in the coffee world. This is the most commonly grown variety in Vietnam due to its good adaptability to the climate and soil. Vietnam is also the leading country exporting Robusta coffee for many consecutive years. The cultivated area accounts for 90% of the total coffee area in the country.

The taste of Robusta

Robusta coffee berries are oval or round in shape. The ripe fruit is dark red. There is a unique feature that Robusta will not flower again at the old joints of the branches.

4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The World
Robusta beans always give a darker color than Arabica beans when roasted at the same temperature

Robusta beans are more petite than Arabica b, eans but the caffeine content is much higher (about 2-4%). The taste of Robusta is also more bi; the flavor is not fragrant and lwealthyrich as Arabica. That is why Robusta is less economical than Arabica.

Liberica – Jackfruit Coffee

Next, coffee has the scientific name Coffea Liberica or Coffea Excelsa. Another name is Cherry coffee. It can grow in many different climates at about 800m – 1000m.

This Coffee Varieties has large dark green leaves that look like a jackfruit tree, so it is called jackfruit coffee. The tree is about 2m – 5m tall and is quite a drought-tolerant. After 4-5 years of cultivation, it will bear fruitMainlyly can be harvested d up to 30-40 years. Although the tree lives very we and has excellent resistance to pests and weather, t it has the lowest yield of all types of coffee. Therefore, there is no high economic value.

Liberica’s caffeine content is higher than Arabica’s but lower than tha Robusta’sta. The scent is particular and has a light,e refreshing taste, so it is very popular with Europeans.

Culi Coffee

Finally, a distinct and extraordinary Coffee Varieties. Cali is the name for different coffee beans screened from Arabica and Robusta varieties. Usually,y coffee berries havetwo2 seeds. But wit,h some mutant fruit will only giveone1sourced inside, with a round shape. It’s called Culi coffee. These beans are separated, and the retail price is much higher than the same crop.

4 Popular Coffee Varieties In The WorldThe essence of Culi coffee is outstanding in flavor. The aroma is elegant; the coffee flavor is more robust. The caffeine content is also much higher than Arabica and Robusta.

Usually, people often combine Culi coffee with popular coffees such as Robusta or Arabica to get unique products and new and more delicious flavors.

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