4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home

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4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home

4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home: From simple to effective those are the strange and familiar ways of making coffee that you can make at home.

The home-brewing movement is on the rise. Especially since 2019, when most people have to “Work From Home” at home. However, to be able to find a way to make coffee that suits you is not easy:

  • The number of tools and ways to prepare at home is variable and varied. Each type is suitable for the unique use of each person.
  • Each type of brewing can bring a different type of flavor. And everyone’s taste is different. This type of blend may be delicious to this person, but it may not be delicious to you.

Therefore, through this article. Helena will try to provide the most objective information about:

  • Flavors may come after mixing. (Just separate and describe clearly how delicious the coffee is so that people can easily imagine).
  • Who would be able to fit this tool and why.
  • Price and cost of raising equipment.

From there, you have the most bases before choosing a suitable dispensing tool. Now let’s get started on the first concoction.

1. How to make cold brew

What people like about Cold Brew: 

  • The taste is cool and mellow. The feeling of drinking is smooth and refreshing, especially on hot days. Coffee brewed in this way can be used to drink instead of filtered water.
  • Quick and convenient way to make: Just soak the coffee powder with room temperature water. Then soak for 12 to 20 hours in the refrigerator. Finally, filter the coffee water out of the grounds.
  • 4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At HomeEasy to share with friends and family. Nearly anyone can drink Cold Brew with little fear of getting drunk. So no matter who your friend is, you can share and invite.

What to use to make Cold Brew:

  • A vase, or jar for soaking: It can be any bottle you have. As long as it’s closed. In addition, if it is more convenient later, you can also invest in some specialized Cold Brew brewers.
  • Coffee grounds filter: You can use a tea filter bag, filter paper, filter, or even a cloth to filter out the coffee powder. Depending on the type of filter, the clarity of the coffee water will be different. Filtering through paper is the cleanest and clearest.

Who is suitable for this concoction?

  • Office workers, lecturers, and doctors are one of the most popular groups of people who make Cold Brew. In the evening, when you come home from work, just put the coffee in the steeping pot. The next morning, get up to filter coffee for a few minutes and then take it to work. One bottle can be used for 1 day or even 3.4 days depending on the amount of mixing

Price and cost of raising equipment:

Short. If the filter has a filter attached, it will only be around 200k and will last for many years. If you use any jar and buy the filter separately, the cost is even lower. And especially in this period, Helena is also having a special offer to support home coffee makers. You can see more below.

4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home
Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Coffees are suitable for Cold Brew:  Unlimited. You can use any type of coffee to brew. However, usually, people often use some Medium roasted coffee to brew Cold Brew.

2. How to make coffee using a french press

What people like about the French Press : 

  • Easy to drink, gentle feeling, smooth fat, and not too strong like a traditional filter.
  • Quick and convenient way of making: It is still soaking coffee powder with water, but this time it is hot water from 86 – 96 degrees Celsius. However, it only takes 4 – 7 minutes to be able to drink it. Filtering grounds is also easy because the French Press allows you to filter coffee grounds with just one button.
  • Perfect for giving as a gift. Especially parents and, the elderly, because of the easy way to mix.

4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At HomeWhat to use to make French Press :

  • A French Press is also known as a French coffee maker.

Who is suitable for this concoction?

  • Everybody. This recipe is simple and easy to drink, so almost everyone is suitable. As long as you like coffee. In addition to making coffee, the French Press can also help you make Cold Brew coffee or even make tea.

Price and cost of raising equipment:

Average: A French Press vase currently costs from 400k. If you take good care of t and avoid strong collisions, there is almost no need to replace anything.

Types of coffee suitable for brewing: Unlimited. You can use any type of coffee to make French Pre.

3. How to make warm coffee mMokapot

What people like when using a Moka Pot

The brewed coffee is also quite strong. It is very suitable for dishes with milk. However, it is still not as strong and bold as Phin.

Quick and flexible brewing method. Whether you stay at home or go back to the countryside or have a picnic, you can still make Moka Pot. Because making coffee with a Moka Pot is like boiling water. You just need to put the coffee into the core of the kettle. Add some water and put the kettle on the stove. The boiling water will flow through the coffee powder and give you a very attractive coffee result.

What to use to make Moka Pot :

A Moka Pot or Italian-style coffee pot.

Who is suitable for this concoction?

Everybody. However, it will be more suitable for brothers and sisters who have a hobby of going out. Because of this Moka Pot pot, it is not afraid of impact or damage. With just a little fire and little water, you can instantly make a pot of hot coffee, even amid deep blue mountains or majestic mountains.

Price and cost of raising equipment:

Short. From only about 250k – 300k, you can get a basic Moka Pot. This kettle has almost nothing to break, so you can rest assured that you can use it for the rest of your life.

Types of coffee suitable for brewing:

Should be Medium roasted coffees for brewing.

4. How to make pour-over coffee

What do People like When Brewing Pour Over Coffee?

  • Mild taste, easy to drink. It feels like drinking tea, not coffee. In addition, Pour Over coffee can help you to bring out more hidden coffee flavors.
  • Relaxation: The mixing process with many stages helps the bartender to be immersed in it and temporarily forget about life’s worries.
  • The joy of discovering new things. How to make Pour-Over has a lot to do with mixing techniques, and adjusting the coffee flavor of other beans.
  • Health: Because the coffee is filtered through filter paper, most of the coffee oil will be retained. So you can reduce your chances of having heart problems.

What to use to make Pour Over coffee:

  • A funnel for making coffee. The soul of pouring Pour Over. There are many different types of funnels, but the most common and popular ones are the V60 funnels
  • A dedicated kettle for pouring water. The kettle has a dedicated pouring spout to help you adjust the water flow to your liking, which can also help you fine-tune the flavor of your coffee. You are likely to encounter many types of gooseneck kettles with long, curved spouts.
  • Coffee filter paper: If you are using a V60 funnel, use a suitable size of V60 filter paper.
4 Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home
Common Ways To Make Coffee At Home

In addition, for better preparation, you can also buy additional tools such as coffee grinders, electronic scales, thermometers, etc.

Who is suitable for this concoction?

  • People who are looking for a gentle coffee to wake up without bitterness, not drunk.
  • Those who are looking to drink coffee without sugar, without milk.
  • Those who are looking to refresh their coffee experience.
  • People who are looking to discover more new flavors of coffee.
  • Office workers, want to make coffee for many people to drink at the same time.
  • The owner of the cafe wants to reach a new set of customers with sophisticated tastes and coffee connoisseurs.

Price and cost of raising equipment:

The average price for a set of the most basic dispensing tools including 3 tools above is from 800 to 1 million. And if it is a kit of famous brands, that number will be from 1 million 500 to 2 million.

The hopper and kettle are almost a one-time investment. The regular investment will be filter paper. Each brew is 1 sheet of filter paper. The biggest expense to spend is just Coffee.

The right type of coffee to brew: Should be Light roasted coffees to highlight the most original fruit flavors.

And those are the 4 most popular and new ways to make coffee today. In addition, we also have several other brewing methods that are also gradually becoming popular today such as Brewing coffee with Aeropress, Chemex, and Hand-held Espresso Machine…  will soon update you on the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of preparation. this is new in the most recent post.

Now, why don’t you try one of the four recipes above?

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