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18 Ways To Drink The Most Unique Coffee In The World: Vietnam’s iced milk coffee makes a strong impression on international tourists, because of its unique preparation and impressive taste, according to The Daily Meal.

Ways To Drink The Most Unique Coffee: Black Tie (Thailand)

This drink consists of cold black tea mixed with orange blossom juice, star anise, mashed tamarind, sugar, condensed milk, or fresh cream, plus two teaspoons of espresso-style black tea.

Ways To DrinkCoffee: Iced coffee (Vietnam)

Roasted and ground coffee beans are ground and filtered. Coffee water is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and added with ice, giving it a special unforgettable taste.

Ways To Drink The Most Unique Coffee: Miel coffee (Spain)

Honey mixed with espresso, hot milk, and a cap of cinnamon powder is a popular drink. If the right amount of ingredients is not used, Miel coffee will taste very bad. On the contrary, when mixed in the right proportions, the sweetness of honey mixed with the richness of milk and the bitterness of espresso will satisfy even the most demanding person.

Ways To Drink Coffee: Cubano Coffee (Cuba)

Cuban coffee powder is mixed with sugar when brewing, giving it a strange sweetness that highlights the bitterness. This drink is usually enjoyed with a glass of water or a cigar.

Ways To Drink Coffee: Olla Coffee (Mexico)

Scented with cinnamon and Piloncillo (an unrefined cane sugar that smells like honey), Olla coffee has a sweet and warm taste. This drink is served in red ceramic cups at cafes throughout Mexico.

Ways To Drink Coffee: Touba coffee (Senegal)

Very popular in the capital Dakar, this coffee is flavored with Guinea pepper, a West African spice that smells like cardamom. Toube coffee also has a lot of sugar added, making this sweet and aromatic drink awaken the senses of all visitors.

Ways To Drink Coffee: Cortado (Portugal)

Espresso-style coffee with a little warm milk added to it, similar in taste to an Italian Macchiato.

Eiskaffee (Germany): This special drink consists of strong coffee mixed with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate chips, appealing to even the most discerning travelers. You can enjoy this dish at cafes or ice cream shops all over Germany.

Flat White (Australia): Espresso is added with hot milk and a layer of milk foam on top. The milk foam forms insulation between your bottom and your lips, making the coffee taste richer and less hot.

Filter Coffee (India): This sweet, milky South Indian drink is made with roasted ground coffee beans and chicory (an herb used as a coffee substitute). One cup is usually half coffee, half milk, and added sugar.

Coffee Frappe (Greece): This unique coffee is mixed with instant coffee, sugar, and water, sometimes with a little condensed milk. You can enjoy it at the beaches or cafes in Cyprus, especially in the summer. This coffee comes in different levels of sweetness: glykós (meaning “sweet” in Greek, with about 4 teaspoons of sugar), metersrios (medium sweet, about 2 teaspoons of sugar), and skétos (unsweetened).

Kaffe Tonic Coffee (Sweden): Espresso coffee mixed with Tonic water, and added ice, is the perfect drink for a summer day in Sweden, giving visitors a cool, refreshing feeling.

Kopi Susu Panas (Malaysia): Condensed milk with sugar is put into the cup first, then add the strong black coffee and stir well. This is a very popular drink in Malaysia.

New Orleans Coffee (USA): This coffee made from dried chicory leaves has an unforgettable rich taste when hot milk is added and is often served with Beignet cake.

Ristretto (Italy): In cities like Rome, Naples, and Trieste, coffee is an important beverage with many ways to prepare it. Ristretto means “limited, unique”, usually a concentrated cup.

Turkish coffee: Traditional coffee is made from roasted coffee beans and sugar, sometimes with a little flavoring. The mixture is boiled in a kettle before being poured into small decorated cups. This way of making coffee is very popular in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries.

Wiener Melange (Austria): This coffee is quite similar to a cappuccino, with concentrated espresso with added hot milk and milk foam. Another version adds egg yolks, sugar, and whipped cream.

Drink The Most Unique Coffee In The World

Yuan Yang (China): A combination of coffee and milk tea (3-7 ratio), Yuan Yang is very popular in China, especially in Hong Kong, mainly sold at street vendors or in shops. Pavement.

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