15 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

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15 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

How can we classify coffee drinkers? How many types of coffee drinkers? Is it possible to classify them as a group with shared characteristics? Join us to explore coffee drinking styles by purpose and brewing method and find out “Who you are in 15 types of coffee drinkers.”

Types Of Coffee Drinkers: Sort by frequency and purpose of consumption

1. The Quick Drinker

These people are one of the popular types of coffee drinkers nowadays. They don’t pay much attention to the frills or the pricey coffee variations in coffee shops. Any instant flavored coffee with hot water will suffice as long as they can have a cup of coffee every morning.

2. The People Who Drink Black Coffee

The guys who drink straight black coffee consider themselves superhumans, if not gods. They believe that is the only and proper way to consume coffee. Because they have a third scene, they are immune to coffee manipulation. Whatever you say or recommend, these people will only drink their coffee black, with no added sugar, cream, or anything else. Because they mix their coffee, they regard other coffee drinkers as sinners. They believe that the only way to get the whole experience from coffee is to drink it black.

Sort by frequency

3. The normal Coffee Drinker

This coffee drinker does not need a coffee to wake up and get ready for work. They can begin their day usually even if they do not have a cup of it. Most likely, you will not see them during the week because they don’t need to consume it or have a daily cup. When the weekend arrives, you can find them enjoying a cup of java in a quiet corner of one of the coffee shops. The majority of them are relaxing with a cup of coffee and the weekend paper. However, with the advancement of technology, they will be using smartphones to relax, take their time, and enjoy every last drop of coffee.

4. Caffeine Dependents

Do you struggle to function in the morning without a cup of coffee? Don’t be concerned; you’re not alone. According to studies, caffeine is the most commonly used drug in the world. It is a natural stimulant, and many people believe that drinking coffee and consuming caffeine helps them get revved up and start their day. It does not imply that they enjoy the taste of coffee; instead, they believe that they require it to function. Even after their nth cup of caffeine, caffeine addicts resemble dehydrated zombies. They have developed a high tolerance to caffeine that they need every morning. They do visit coffee shops regularly. You’ll most likely see them every morning before work and several times throughout the day. These people may even fall asleep in the absence of caffeine.
Caffeine can boost your metabolism as well as your mood. It benefits your brain by increasing alertness, concentration, and motivation to work. An 8-ounce cup of coffee contains approximately 100 mg of caffeine, which is more than enough to produce noticeable effects for most people. It will take about 30-60 minutes to reach its maximum concentration in the blood, and its effects will last between three and nine hours, depending on the person.

5. The Decaffeinated

These are the people who enjoy the taste of coffee but dislike its effects. They are usually the easiest to please and the friendliest of all. They also sit quietly, sip their decaf coffee, and chat with their friends. The best part is that they don’t force their opinions on anyone and enjoy their decaffeinated coffee cup. They are more potent because they do not need coffee to stay awake or get through the day.

Sort by purpose of consumption

6. The Connoisseur

This one is a coffee connoisseur. People in this category are highly knowledgeable about the type of coffee they are drinking and why they are drinking it. You can see them enjoying a cup of coffee in silence with their favorite snacks. They always try the coffee when they go to a new restaurant, and they know where to find the best coffee in town. This thing is because they only want to drink the best.
A true coffee connoisseur will not accept anything less than a top-quality coffee. They are obsessed with studying all the different coffee bean types just for fun because the entire meaning of life is coffee. Coffee that isn’t top-quality filter coffee isn’t considered coffee. They would live in artsy coffee shops if they could, which they already do.

Types Of Coffee Drinkers: Categorized by the preference for brewing and drinking

In addition to the above classifications of coffee use purposes, we can divide ourselves into coffee users based on preparation and beverage classification.

7. The Barista’s Nightmare

Someone who wants a special made-up drink is every bartender’s worst nightmare. Their order must include at least five words, and if it does not have everything they requested, the drink will be returned. They want to mix up all the different flavors, substitute the sugars, and most importantly, they must have their milk substitute. They prefer unsweetened almond milk—the more things in it, the better the drink. The coffee isn’t even necessary to them; the glass serves only to make a statement.

8.The Boujee Coffee Drinker

All serious coffee drinkers are aware that Kopi Luwak coffee is the most expensive and best coffee globally. People who only drink this coffee are incredibly wealthy and slightly arrogant. While most of us will only have this coffee once, they drink it every day.

9. The Simple Instant Guys

They are basic, instant coffee, quickie lovers. They are usually too preoccupied to deal with all of the fancy brewing and milk frothing. They don’t have time for any of that; boil water, open a can of any instant coffee, mix it up, and add whatever you like, and they’re ready to go. It’s safe to drink as long as it smells and tastes like coffee. They reticulated to get on nerves to stare at black coffee drinkers because they ruined the experience. Most of them grew up seeing their parents make this type of coffee, so they inherited that trait.

Categorized by the preference for drinking

10.Plant-Based Milk Consumers

They are regarded as the ones who are constantly inventing new ways to ruin coffee by coffee drinkers. Of course, people with dietary restrictions should switch to plant-based milk, but you can tell when someone does it out of necessity rather than fashion. Those are the people who will try anything on the internet because someone said it has a lot of health benefits, regardless of how bad it tastes.

11. The Boujee Coffee Drinker

All serious coffee drinkers are aware that Kopi Luwak coffee is the most expensive and best coffee globally. People who only drink this coffee are extraordinarily wealthy and slightly arrogant. While most of us will only have this coffee once, they drink it every day.

12. Traditional Espresso drinker

A typical espresso drinker is simply a purist. They don’t want anything fancy; a simple coffee-flavored drink will suffice. They are satisfied by the simplest things in life and a tiny cup of coffee. Espresso drinkers aren’t fools, and they’ll always tell you the truth no matter how tough your sound.

13. The Regular Cappuccino Drinker

A cappuccino drinker is a regular coffee drinker. They enjoy the taste of cove, but they do not rely on it. They’re also not picky about the blends they drink. They won’t refuse the coffee, but they don’t need it to get through the day. But they still want that one cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t persuade them to try new coffees; they don’t want anything fancy. A cup of plain cappuccino is the way to go.

Categorized by the preference for brewing

14. The Cold Brew Guy

People who drink cold brew coffee are planners who like to make lists and plan at least three steps. It is due to the time and precision required to prepare the cold brew. They are organized and predictable. They know what they’re having with their coffee and have their days planned out to the minute.

15. The ‘Fancy’ Creation Drinker

For them, coffee isn’t complete without plenty of milk, foam, and even chocolate powder. They enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos, and macchiatos. If someone bravely approaches your counter and correctly pronounces macchiato, that person is a fancy creation drinker. To be serious, they understand the differences between those coffee drinks.

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